Business is Just a Really Fun Game

Hey, I'm Haley, I help course creators make their first 1 million dollars with an online program like a course or membership site. 

I love helping entrepreneurs normalize big numbers while automating their marketing and simplifying their business so they never have to cap how many people they can help. 

I'm a big believer that every business in the world should be a catalyst for something good. Course creators have an amazing opportunity to impact millions online. Education IS empowerment. 

Together, we can make the world better.

The answer for consistent income didn’t feel achievable. I was juggling client work and a 9-5 job with a BIG idea for a membership site that would help so many entrepreneurs. 

Popular marketing advice was telling me I needed to focus on building my email list, grow my social media following, live launch multiple times a year and spend money on ads. 

It didn’t click with me. I already spent most of my day shoving down anxiety… why make my business complicated and exhausting? 

I asked myself... "How can I create a simple, automated business that will give me consistent income and won't cap out on how many people I can help?"

From this question, I created a different approach. 

The approach that helps course creators reach 7 figures in a simple, automated, fun way.


Straight talk, color-coded spreadsheets, and normalizing big numbers in business.


Excuses, beating around the bush or surface-level conversations


Dancing in my kitchen, inside my Recurring Profit program, with my husband laughing over something stupid

daily rituals

Morning math meditations, attempting yoga, analyzing data, ballet to hip hop music and getting wildly excited about something in business.

“I created 10k months in 60 days, quit my job and gave myself a raise.”


so they say:

Without losing connection to your people

How to automate the marketing of your course or membership

Better than Free Ice Cream!

Ready to Make 7 Figures With a Course or Membership?


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