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Why I’m Closing the Doors to Recurring Profit

Why I'm Closing the Doors to Recurring Profit

You know that intuitive feeling you get when you know you need to do something? But at the same time that decision you know you need to make, breaks your heart into pieces? It’s this deep sense of knowing.

That’s the foundation of why I’m closing the doors of Recurring Profit.

It’s been almost four years since starting Recurring Profit. It started out as my baby and then became a friend. And it’s not just the program itself. But it’s also the clients inside who have become such amazing friends. 

I’ve seen a shift in the industry since the pandemic that has put up some red flags. And think with these changes we’re seeing, we believe it’s best to stop marketing Recurring Profit for the next few years. 

This is not the last time we will be able to work together. I’m not exactly sure what that will look like, but I do know there will be more opportunities. 

This is the last time someone can join Recurring Profit, with December 1st being the cutoff. So if you’re someone who has always wanted to join Recurring Profit or know someone who would be a good fit, go to automatemarketing.com where you can book a call with Angela. The calls are booking up quickly, so make sure to reserve your spot before December 1. 


0:01 – Closing the Doors to Recurring Profit

1:13 – Industry Shifting 

3:56 – What I’ll Miss the Most

5:47 – What This Means for Students In RP

7:31 – What’s Next For Me

10:49 – Season of Reflection



​​If you are a course creator or membership site owner who wants in on the program, this call is for you!

If you are ready to FINALLY have a lifeproof business, so your business can grow while you step away for whatever reason: apply to work with us and learn more about our Recurring Profit Method. Go check it out at automatemarketing.com and don’t be afraid to DM us on Instagram if you have any questions!


What I’ll Miss the Most

I’ll miss working with the students. The Recurring Profit client who I was on a Zoom call with and dove into their business. Or when I gave someone webinar feedback on a Loom. Or responded to an email where it took me 30 minutes to write it out because I wanted to break it down as much as possible. That’s what I LOVE and what I’ll miss most!

What this means for the students

This shift will mean great things for current Recurring Profit students. First, you’re getting a really awesome gift as a thank you for being a student of the program.

As a student, nothing changes for you. You’ll continue getting the full focus of the team. We didn't do anything to affect how you’re going through RP. 

What’s Next

I don’t have a lot of answers for what's next. I have some exciting ideas that are sitting in my head. 

This next chapter will allow my team and I to focus on current students while we’re looking at the industry and where we want to head.

I’m not leaving or retiring. But business will be different for me from here on out. 

I’m becoming a chairman of multiple businesses. And have been asked to be on the board of directors for a business I admire deeply. 

Instead of being the face and CEO, I’m going behind the scenes on businesses that I believe in so much. 

What I love more than anything is taking a business and automating all the parts that can be automated. And then scaling it to a multi-million dollar business with a very small team. That’s what I’m good at. 

I’m taking what I teach in RP and replicating it in multiple businesses in our industry and blowing them up. 

I also have a few ideas that involve me teaching again in a way that anyone can access it.

Season of Reflection

I’m not used to a season of reflection which is what I’m going into. And excited to see what this season could look like. 

On the other side, it will create an answer that is deeper and more thorough than I could have ever created out of just a spark I had in my brain. 

I’m looking forward to the next step that has a much bigger purpose, and bigger impact on the world. 

If you still want to join RP or know someone who would benefit from the program, go to automatemarketing.com. As a thank you for all referrals, we pay $750 per referral, so take advantage of that too!

I appreciate you listening and following because you could be following anyone, and value your time and support so much. 


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