How this Social Media Ad Coach Made $9K with an Evergreen Strategy -

How this Social Media Ad Coach Made $9K with an Evergreen Strategy

How this Social Media Ad Coach Made $9K with an Evergreen Strategy

Stephanie Mitchell, founder of Sunnystorm Marketing, is no stranger to live launching. In fact, she live launched seven times over the course of a few years. 

But with an upcoming wedding and plans to start a family, she didn’t want to constantly be on all the time. She wanted an automated system that created passive income to give her the ability to spend more time with her family. 

That’s when she found Recurring Profit. 

After implementing her evergreen strategy, this social media ad coach made over $9K in her first month. In this episode, we dive into Stephanie's journey of creating an evergreen course that converts. 

Stephanie teaches beauty professionals how to create Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns to build their clientele through her course, The Ad Lab.


0:15  – Intro of Stephanie and Her Business

03:45 – Idea for Her Social Media Ad Course 

05:54 – Live Launching Experience 

8:05: Creating an Evergreen Course

12:26 – Traffic to Her Evergreen Course

16:25 – Replacing the Warm Up with the Webinar

20:15 – Advice to Someone Still Live Launching


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Why Stephanie Niched to the Beauty Industry

Stephanie’s background is in tech, and was the Marketing Director for a few different tech companies in Ottawa, Canada. 

However, she started her own business once she moved to Italy with her fiance. Her business evolved into a marketing agency. She had a few clients that were salons and spas, and realized it was a rapidly growing industry to get into.

Idea for an Evergreen Course

Before Stephanie created her course, she was running her marketing agency, focusing on 1:1 client work. She experienced a string of bad clients where their budgets were small but their expectations were high. And she quickly got burnt out. 

So instead of actually doing the marketing, she shifted to teaching the marketing.

She created a mini, 1-hour class about Facebook and Instagram ads that she sold for $25. 

She says she’ll never forget she was in Italy on her fiance's father’s goat farm, and she kept hearing the dings on her phone from students purchasing the course. Stephanie remembers that as the turning point for her, and thinking, “I think this is something people are really interested in – learning about Facebook and Instagram ads.”

Live Launching Experience as a Social Media Ad Coach

Stephanie started out live launching because she thought that’s what everybody did. She took Amy Porterfield’s class, and that’s what she teaches. 

Stephanie is glad she had that experience of live launching, and made about $250,000 over the course of a few years. But it was emotionally draining. 

Her and her fiance are getting married soon and want to start a family. So she didn’t want to be constantly on all the time. 

Stephanie said “It felt like a distant dream of doing this passively and on autopilot. And it would be cool to do this while also having a life and spending time with my family and not having to do these stressful launches.”

Creating a Social Media Ad Evergreen Course

When Stephanie joined Recurring Profit, she already had her course built. So she needed to create an automated sales system, which didn’t take Stephanie long. 

The hardest part for Stephanie when going evergreen was figuring out her tangible transformation. Though she knows her audience well, she made a lot of assumptions about messaging. 

After setting up her webinar and her automated sales systems, she began to see sales coming in. Most of the traffic was organic. She changed the link in her Instagram bio and created a pop up on her site. 

After going evergreen with her course, Stephanie made $9,180 after one month. 

The Warm Ups Aren’t Needed for An Evergreen Strategy

Stephanie appreciates that her leads don’t need to be warmed up. Many of her new leads are watching her webinar, and then purchasing the course right away. 

People assume you have to do a ramp-up period in order to make a sale. But that ramp-up period requires content that you’re posting every day. Stephanie replaced that with an automated sales system and that is the warm up. You get them warmed up in 30 minutes. 

It’s efficient for you as the creator, and it’s efficient for the student. Because do you think they want to listen to you talk about something new every day? Probably not.

Advice to Someone Still Live Launching

Don’t be scared. Stephanie thought it was too good to be true, and this system would never work. If you’ve live launched multiple times, you have a course that’s proven and people actually want it. So that’s one part down. 

Stephanie loves that she doesn’t have to put potential students on a waitlist anymore. Because the course is evergreen, you don’t have to turn people away. 

The other part about going evergreen that she loves the most is that she has more of a purpose with her content. She feels like her content on Instagram now has a purpose, which is to get people to her webinar. Whereas before when she was live launching, she was basically just staying active to stay active until her next launch. 


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