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17: Why Relying On Facebook Ads for Leads Isn’t the Best Strategy

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[02:18] How Bree’s original sales funnel relied on Facebook Ads and why that didn’t work to her advantage

[05:18] How Bree’s sales funnel appealed to her warm audience, but failed to connect with a cold audience

[09:11] What Bree started to do to move away from solely relying on Facebook Ads to bring in leads

[11:22] How Bree switched up her Facebook ad strategy

[17:22] How Bree started tracking her funnel in order to meet her goals

[20:36] How Bree created a membership site that attracted committed clients

[23:30] How Bree’s sales psychology changed after Recurring Profit

[29:10] How Bree switched up her lead sources from just Facebook ads and how she plans to use affiliates in the future

[37:28] Bree’s #1 Piece of mindset advice for a high converting funnel

Stop Relying on Facebook Ads for Leads

What if I told you that you didn’t have to rely on Facebook Ads anymore to bring in leads?
That you could stop giving Mark Zuckerberg all of the money that comes into your business? 
I’m here to tell you why relying on Facebook ads for leads isn’t the best strategy.
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Stop Going Into Debt for Facebook Ads

When Bree Noble joined Recurring Profit in April 2019 she had already built her course teaching female musicians how to market their music and build their fan base to build a business that brings in income. 
Her funnel was running and converting at 0.5%. 
And she was going $2000 – $3000 into debt every month for Facebook ads. 
Bree saw other course owners scaling their businesses and hiring Facebook ad managers. She thought that was the next step to growing her business…and went several thousand dollars into debt every month for 5 months until her funnel finally broke even. 
Her business survived only because she had a big email list and was selling affiliate things on the backend of her funnel. But her business didn't grow like she planned and Facebook ads weren’t helping—in part, because her funnel was made for her warm audience.

Stop Relying on Your Warm Audience

So many entrepreneurs like Bree have a warm audience their funnel is made for that they base their business decisions around, because you can get away with so much if you have a large enough warm audience. 
Those entrepreneurs don’t have good messaging, don’t have good branding, and they don’t use sales psychology. They’re relying solely on their warm audience to make money. If you create your marketing around a warm audience, that isn’t fast growth strategy. 
So here’s the thing:
You Don’t Have to Have a Large Audience to Make Money.
I know a lot of my audience doesn’t have a big enough following to rely on a warm audience. You don't need the extra cash to pay for expensive Facebook ads, and you don't need to spend thousands just to break even.
You have to rely on cold, free leads. Your messaging has to resonate with people who don't already know you. If you don’t rely on cold leads with a strategic backend to catch the people who didn’t buy within the first 12 hours, you’re going to be stuck in a cycle of thinking you have to grow a bigger audience, which is too much work and effort with not a lot of return. 

Use Polarizing Topics in Your Ads

What Bree did was put her ads in front of people who were already slightly familiar with her–maybe they were in her Facebook group or had seen some of her posts and targeted them with a polarizing topic ad.
A polarizing topic example from Bree, who helps female musicians, is, “How Saying ‘No' to More Gigs Will Actually Make You More Money.”
See how Bree shifted a belief her audience had (that musicians have to accept every gig) and shifted that belief to attach it to their deep desire (making more money as a musician)?
That's powerful sales psychology in under 10 words using identity based messaging.
Sales should be fun, easy, exciting, and empowering, because it's not about selling–it's about informing and empowering. Using identity based messaging and sales psychology is about giving your leads the information to make educated decisions. It's not about persuading or convincing them.

There's No Magic Formula For Your Business

This article isn't to tell you to stop using Facebook ads altogether. Facebook ads aren't evil, but you shouldn't rely on them for your main source of leads.
Remember, we don't have to be extreme here and it doesn't have to be all or nothing. For instance, Bree didn't delete her entire Facebook ads lead source, but she did switch her ads strategy to complement her organic strategy using sales psychology.
Bree quadrupled her conversion rate by targeting a cold audience and by infusing her funnel with sales psychology. Now she doesn't rely on Facebook ads for the sole source of leads, and the money going into her business isn't just funneled back into Facebook.
I hope you takeaway two key things from this:
  1. You don't have to spend all of your money on Facebook ads to have a successful business.
  2. You don't have to have a large audience to have a successful business.


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