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16: How I Made $84,665 in January 2020

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I create these income reports so you can see inside my business and what scaling an online business looks like. I know running a business can be terrifying at times, it’s a scary thrilling adventure where we aren’t getting a lot of guidance. These income reports are meant to help you navigate entrepreneurship as you grow alongside of me!

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This month I have gained clarity on what kind of CEO I want to be. I don’t want to be that popular CEO that does shows and travels a bunch because I miss my family and my friends. I miss my business and actually being in the office. So I have discovered who I want to be as I grow and how I want to present myself as a CEO.


My mindset around money has shifted so much this past month. I have been viewing money as a direct correlation to loneliness. I have been thinking that the more money I have means I will be more and more lonely. I thought this because so many people tie negative feelings towards people with money and almost shun them for having a lot of money. I never wanted anyone to think of me as a rich snob. In reality, I should be looking at the data over the drama and when I do that, I see that having more money has been forcing me to be a better person each time I level up.


I have had to learn that when I am constantly shifting my mindset, I am not necessarily “fixing” myself because nothing is broken. Really, I am learning how to understand myself and my brain better. Business is an intellectual game and I am playing to win. My goal with all my mindset shifts and the constant self improvement is so that I never get in my own way of success.


Ever since I was in high school, I have had a bad habit of attaching myself in toxic, co-dependent, female friendships. I have just been in cycles of toxic relationships. In the past I have been so burned by the “Instagram biz bestie” that it took me three months of healing and telling myself, “Haley, you are safe and supported. You have learned hard lessons that now help you see red flags for co-dependent friendships, toxic behavior, etc. So you have all the tools you need to protect yourself. It’s okay for you to trust slowly because there are safe people who love you,” for me to be able to trust my friends.


One of the hardest decisions I made this month was to let go of my “baby” that I built. It’s the thing that got me started on this path to success, but this past month I have realize that in order to go all in on Recurring Profit and in order to grow my business, I have to let go of trying to serve two different types of people. It’s not an immediate transition, but I have decided that over the course of the next year, I need to go all in to my future projects in order to make them wildly successful.


I have switched from investing in myself to investing in my team, because I am not going to take my business to the next level, my team is. So I brought in some trainings for my team so we can improve and grow quickly. Instead of investing financially in myself, I am now investing in my mental state. My goal is to make sure I am happy and joyful throughout this whole process and I want this for my team as well.


I am a firm believer that your subconscious thoughts get trapped in your body and it can cause anxiety, which is what happened to me. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a racing heart and was so anxious that I just couldn’t sleep. Because of my self awareness, I was able to get to the bottom of this anxiety. I finally went and got my first massage ever and while that was happening, I visualized the release of this anxiety. After that massage, I got the best sleep I have had in months.


I have had skin issues for the past few years and I have blamed it on so many different things. I have blamed myself for doing certain things and for having certain medications. I was blaming a situation in my past, and I was blaming my diet, my hormones, etc. I was blaming so many different things for my skin problems. I was disgusted with myself and all of this was beliefs that I held in my subconscious that made me feel heavy. Finally I got on a call with a skin care specialist. On that call she explained to me that I had been blaming myself for something that didn’t even exists. She helped me get to the root of my skin issues and I was treating it and blaming it on all the wrong things. For the first time in so long, I am in love with myself. I feel light and free. So many of you have your “acne problems” and are treating and blaming your problems on all the wrong things, but if you just shift that belief you can find happiness and the lightness like I have.

INCOME – $84,665

Recurring Profit – $55,295

The Scalability Lounge – $24,717

Other – $586

Partners – $4,067